Sunday, February 26, 2006

A few days ago we wandered upon a bowling club late one evening. All the games were done for the day but, after being offered a few drinks, we were invited back to play on Sunday. Sunday's as it turns out, are pretty laid back and carefree. Which means there was a lot of drinking and not much competition on the greens. Despite this, teams were organized and we played in a number of games that afternoon. Naturally, the last game at around 5:00 was the least efficient as most of the folks had been drinking since noon. I for one got a terrible sun burn but managed to get MUCH better at the game--I played in one afternoon more bowls then ever before in my life.

A few things were new to me. One, we played the full green (in Minneapolis I had only played half court distances). It took some getting used to. Add to this expanisive and intimidating green an impressive wind force that made the bowls quiver in their places. Staring at them all move was like watching the earth shake. My team leader told me on a number of occassions to not be disheartened, "don't worry if you don't make it here in Wellington with the wind, if you play anywhere else from now on, you'll be a pro."

I loved every minute of lawn bowling up on the terrace of Brit's Pub in Minneapolis. Now I'm in a country that, owing to it's British heritage, loves the sport as much as I do.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello All,

We made it!!

We're still living in a hostel and searching out permanent accomodation. We arrived Monday and have spent our days walking around to different parts of the city to see flats. We've been doing A LOT of walking but the nice thing is that we're learning our way around and getting loads of exercise. The city is very hilly. There are fabulous views at every turn.

The food and coffee here are absolutely fantastic. Design standards are very high. Lots of interesting architecture, interior decor of shops/restaurants is modern without being too plasticky. The music in public spaces is contemporary and reminds me of London. I'm happy with that!

Wellington is nick named 'Windy Wellington.' In our 5 days here I would say that is certainly true. Every day has been blustery at one time or another. Have you ever heard overhead electrical wires 'humming' from the wind? We often hear unattended bottles and drinking glasses breaking as the wind carelessly knocks them off table tops.

It feels like we're up in the clouds in the midst of the jet stream. And not just because it's windy. We're closer to the clouds here--they fly by quickly just over the tops of buildings and nearby hills. And though we're not closer to the sun, it feels like it. The light is intense and the sky deep blue. This reminds me of being in Colorado at high elevation but Wellington is only just above sea level.

We'll get more pictures together and post them soon. That's what you want to see anyways, isn't it? Enough talk already!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's late and we've just spent another long day shifting objects around inside the house, moving things from drawers to boxes and from pile to pile. The little storage pod is nestled up against the curb outside, but so far it's not seeing much use. At least we can console ourselves with the knowledge that, every day, more and more things are heading out the door never to be seen again and nothing is coming in. We've made it through the moving sale (in winter no less!), the used clothing, book and CD shops, the endless donation runs to the local thrift shop, the "abandoning things on the curb" phase (two old rusty bikes vanished themselves that way last night). We are now finally entering the "everything into the trash" portion of the move, which means we've managed to dig down pretty deep. All of the personalized bits of the house have been tucked away in plastic bins. Now the only way to go is out .