Saturday, June 17, 2006

Kiwi Radio - Here's your chance to check out a New Zealand-made radio documentary, co-produced by yours truly. It's about releasing captive-bred kiwi birds into the wild in an area where they have been extinct for several hundred years.

It aired today on Radio New Zealand's National Radio. It should be up on the Spectrum archive page soon. Look for the June 18th programme to appear there at the top of the list.

You won't hear me presenting the programme, so you may be wondering what I did to earn that co-producer credit? I got invited along for the field recording, on the hike into the Rimutaka Range, shadowing Jack Perkins who is one of Radio New Zealand's most veteran producers. He's been making documentaries here for over 30 years. I gave feedback throughout the editing process and contributed some of the tape I recorded in the field to help pull together the final piece. It was a great experience. Listen carefully for 3 cameo appearances from me throughout the piece (who do you suppose that girl from Minnesota is?)

Happy listening!


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